Why Dorpie Books?

The stories, experiences, and perspectives of black people don't get the attention they deserve. Dorpie publishes nonfiction titles that addresses this neglect. Having worked for Random House, Scholastic Inc., Sesame Street Workshop, and Bloomberg BNA, our team has experience in trade, text, and children’s publishing. We consider submissions from journalists, thought leaders, and public figures.

Like other trade publishers, Dorpie evaluates submissions, publishes selected titles, and oversees the editing, marketing, promotion, and distribution of its books. But where trade and independent publishers offer modest to no advances to all but proven best-selling authors, Dorpie provides authors with a percentage of their pre-order sales as an advance.

“Dorpie” means small town or village, and the size of our author’s will determine the “advance.” However, regardless the size, the voices we bring forth are compelling and important, which is why we promote them through our Speakers Bureau, publish their first editions in hardcover, and partner with another publisher to release subsequent paperback editions.

For more information, read our press release and standard author contract.